Learn to Quickly Recognize and Escape a Deadly Situation

Few people think they might not return home when they step out their front door. The unfortunate reality is random mass shootings and other violent crimes have become commonplace in modern America. Last year alone, countless people innocently lost their lives while going about their daily routines, leaving friends, and loved ones devastated. By taking a few moments to become aware and pay attention to our surroundings, we can help change this paradigm. You don’t need to know self-defense or martial arts, nor do you need to own a gun. You need S.A.F.E.

S.A.F.E. (Situational Awareness for Everyone) is a three module course designed to teach you how to read body language and recognize when another individual is on the verge of committing a violent act. There are several pre-incident indicators that are tell-tale signs that something terrible is about happen. A few basic cues include dominant behavior, reddening of the face, uncontrollable shaking, among many others.

"Every action a person performs, happens twice – once in the mind and once through physical action,” said Steve MacGregor, who teaches the S.A.F.E. course to civilians, corporations, small businesses, municipalities, church and school staff. “I teach you to instantly recognize the indicators that occur before the action, or violent phase, begins.”

This is known as living “Left of Bang,” a mindset developed in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2007 to help better prepare Marines to avoid attacks, since the enemy was not wearing an identifiable military uniform. Operating on the “Right of Bang” -- bang being the violent event -- is reacting to what has happened. Conversely, operating left bang is seeing what is about to happen, enabling the individual to avoid the threat.

“Awareness is the currency with which we buy time to act,” MacGregor said. “Action beats reaction every time.”

S.A.F.E. takes the military concept to civilian application to help people be more aware of potentially harmful threats, such as workplace violence, domestic disputes and even mass shootings.

“My goal is to help people take control of their environment and realize that they must remain alert for the sake of their own safety,” MacGregor explained. “If we’re in our own little world and not aware of our surroundings, we are 11 seconds behind the criminal. I teach you how to think like the bad guys to avoid an awful situation.”

We all want to return home at the end of every day. Steve wants to educate our community and empower us with life-saving situational awareness skills that can help us stay safe in public, in the workplace and at home.

Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why Taking The SAFE Course Is The Best Way To Elevate Your Awareness.

  1. This is the fastest way to learn science based awareness. Many courses can take days to complete and are not offered to civilians.
  2. This is the easiest way to learn science based awareness. Some course only offer awareness training as an add on to a longer course at an onsite facility.
  3. The SAFE Course can be completed at your own pace. The in person version of the course is 4 hours long and does not allow for self paced learning.